Challenge and Champion

About the Bevan Commission

The Commission aims to ensure we have a health and care system that is fit for the future and is able to secure a prudent sustainable recovery from the pandemic, whilst adhering to the original principles as articulated by Aneurin Bevan. It does this by challenging the status quo and developing innovative solutions and transformative approaches consistent with a prudent approach to health and care.


Engaging, sharing methodologies, toolkits and resources

We bring an external and independent perspective, based upon sound principles drawing upon the considerable wealth of experience and expertise of its Commissioners to inform both thinking and its translation into practice. We work closely with health and care teams in Wales for transformational change.

Work with us

We provide support for engagement activities, exploratory projects, and complete desktop research and analysis to inform decision-making. We also play a hands on role in developing and testing methodologies for supporting change and innovation as well as run transformational change sessions and workshops. Talk to us if you would like more information on how we can support you and your team.

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challenge and champion

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Follow us on social. We have events, showcases, new engagement and publication series as well as campaigns running on a regular basis.